How What We Think Affects Our Wellbeing And Performance

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I'm more and more aware of how what we think (mostly unconsciously) affects our wellbeing and performance. 

It's what we 'make’ of our experience that shapes our success and how we do that is very individual - beauty really is in the eye of the beholder or rather as I know now, also in the ears, thoughts or feelings as well as our noses and taste buds. 

When we anticipate something that might put us under pressure, we can experience all sorts of signs that our body is getting ready for ‘fight or flight’, in a so-called ‘stress response’.  We also do ‘freeze’ and ‘fawn’ in response to a stressful situation stimulus.  There are times we’ve probably all had when our heart feels like it’s jumping out of your chest, our hands drip and we feel physically sick to name a few of the nasties that accompany getting pumped up for something.

The thing is, despite intense pressure athletes have a knack of getting in a completely different zone when they are about to perform and the rest of us can learn something very helpful from this – watch this wonderful video from Simon Sinek which explains more  - great to watch before you do something you know is likely to bring out your own fight of flight demons.