Hypnotherapy for Interview Confidence


I think most people have had at least one terrible interview experience in their life. Sometimes it's down to the interviewer for sure and if it's down to you then help is at hand. I'm an expert at helping you to build your best interview mindset using Cognitive Hypnotherapy as well as coaching you on what to say to get a job.

Career Expert Help

As a recruitment consultant for many years before I became I coach I helped many people prepare for interviews (over 2,000 at a rough estimate). I've also interviewed and employed many people myself. Combining this vast experience with my career coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy means I am particularly well placed to help you overcome what may be stopping you from presenting your best self in an interview. You can read more about how I have helped clients with their interviews on my testimonial page.

It's Not Just What You Say

A lot of interview advice is great in theory but a lot of people fall down when they can't put it into practice in a meeting. Some people just get too nervous to perform well enough or don't have the right attitude or presentation. Feeling confident to do a great interview is grounded in holding positive self-esteem. We base this on the complex set of stories (memories) about ourselves and our beliefs about the way the world works. These are formed from how our mind has interpreted experience in the past.  The good news is that if we accept that our self-esteem is this made-up story; the 'you' of yesterday in an interview doesn't have to be the 'you' in an interview tomorrow.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Interviews

If you're not feeling as confident as you could in an interview, it's likely I can use Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help you uncover what belief-forming experiences may be at the root of your problem.   You might be surprised what the original memory-forming experience has been and what we can do relatively quickly to help your mind accept that you can be 'safe' to do great interviews.  I use hypnosis to guide your unconscious to accept bespoke confidence-raising suggestions and uncouple you from the link with unhelpful stories you've had about yourself.  As well as reframing the past, I can also help you learn techniques to boost your confidence in the moment. These will be life-long skills you can use in other areas of your life where you want to feel more positive. 

Interview Coaching

I'm also a trained career coach able to help you with how to answer those tricky behavioural or competency-based questions. With a bit of help, you can look forward to these questions as an opportunity to sell yourself.  I also help you understand more about you can build better rapport in your meetings. Some clients also come to me to learn how to interview other people themselves.  I have done this for employers who want to improve their hiring processes as well as individuals who haven't been trained by their employer and are interested in self-development.

Free Breathing Technique to Reduce Interview Nerves

One of the best ways to get your interview nerves under control is to learn a simple breathing technique - you can learn it here with my free audio download.

Get in touch now if you would like to talk about how you could do better with hypnotherapy for interviews. I can see you in London EC1, Stevenage or Bedford.


Disclaimer - please note results can vary from person to person