Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing & Coaching in Bedford, Cambridge and London

Lynne Wilkins,  Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Open doors to a better you with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Are you struggling with something that stops you from being who you really want to be?

Many people settle for less even when they have the very best intentions and have put in a lot of effort.  

What you may not be aware of are the unconscious drivers that we could re-programme together with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coaching or Confident Childbirth techniques.  

The great thing is that you're here and looking for change.  Let me help you get rid of the frustration and pain that not being the best version of you causes.

I work with people just like you in London, Cambridge and Bedford to open doors which lead to greater ease, happiness and success.

What can Cognitive Hypnotherapy help with?

  • Anxiety, depression or stress - feeling hopeless, overwhelmed or nervous
  • Unhealthy habits - smoking, eating badly, not exercising
  • Phobias - you can't go somewhere or do what you really want
  • Confidence building - not being who you really could be
  • Strong emotions you don't want - destructive anger, jealousy, envy
  • Discomfort in front of others - public speaking or interview nerves, anxiety in meetings
  • Performance issues - not being able to do what you really want to do
  • Childbirth - hypnobirthing coaching or recovery from a traumatic birth experience

Let's combine our passion for your change and use Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching to move you towards your solution.

You can take the next step now.  Give me a call to find out more

Disclaimer - please note results can vary from person to person