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Are you as happy and as fulfilled as you could be in all areas of your life?  If you're not leading the life you'd like to be or are feeling there must be more to life than this, then this programme could be for you.  Maybe you're struggling with the pain of knowing you could be more successful at work and can't get yourself on track.  For some people work/life balance can wreck their enjoyment of life or perhaps you have some relationships that could be on a better footing. These are all things that could be helped working together with Project You life coaching.

Hypnotherapy Anxiety

Combining Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Project You coaching is a powerful way of combining life coaching and hypnotherapy. Many people find working with a coach to help them set goals and provide accountability extremely valuable. In a Project You programme we combine life coaching with hypnotherapy to help steer your unconscious AND your conscious, so you can find the transformations possible even more powerful. What you can find with coaching on its own is that although you're well aware of what you want to achieve, for some reason you scupper yourself because your unconscious doesn't want to play nicely with the goals you're working on.

Life Coaching with Flow

Life Coaching with Project You is about helping you find and channel more of your 'flow' state.  This is about that sense of effortless enjoyment  you feel when you're 'in the zone' and whatever you're doing totally absorbs you. You may even be reflecting on some of those times you've had in your life right now. If you could have more of that in your life, how great would that be?  What could you do if you were feeling more motivated because you're enjoying more and more of your life.  What changes would you be making if you were  happier more of the time?

What We Do in Project You Life Coaching

We begin by clarifying what you want from the Project You programme and we'll be setting goals that are right for you at each session.  There are eight stages for you to complete in the programme involving things you need to learn about yourself to achieve what you want.  Sometimes this is isn't easy but all it needs to be is possible for you to get results.  In committing to a Project You life coaching programme, you may need to take risks and you will need to invest your time and energy to make things happen.  What we'll find is that some of our sessions are more therapeutic in nature as we may uncover a few bumps on your journey.  I will help you with Cognitive Hypnotherapy to overcome these so you can have those moments of real life-changing shift.  We'll be looking at your strengths and how you can use those to find more flow and take that in the direction you would like your life to go

Be Confident

What's Stopping You?  

Are You Ready For A Happier You?

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Disclaimer - please note results can vary from person to person