Hypnotherapy in London EC1 with Lynne Wilkins

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Free Phone Consultation

I speak to all clients first on the phone before we agree to meet.  It’s important that we’re both clear on what you are looking to achieve with Cognitive Hypnotherapy and whether we’re suited to working together. If you’d like to go ahead, you can book to see me in London EC1, Stevenage or Bedford.

First Hypnotherapy Session

This is usually a slightly longer session and where we'll explore your problem in a lot of depth.  I will ask you structured questions to ‘map’ out the history of your problem.   We will discover more about how you are ‘doing’ your problem and agree what you want to work towards.

Further Hypnotherapy Sessions

Sessions after this will also be conversational and I will design each session according to where you are at that time with ‘doing’ your problem.  There’s no set pattern for any particular problem, everything is tailored to you and where you are at in your journey.

There are no hard and fast rules about how long I will need to see you.  An average amount of sessions needed is around 4-6.  Some clients may be helped relatively quickly (eg a simple phobia) and some clients may need to see me for much longer.

What is hypnosis like?

Most people say it’s like having a gentle and pleasant daydream.  After all, it’s not a ‘special state’ as such – it’s an everyday state you do yourself on a regular basis (we spend about 90% of our day on ‘automatic pilot).  This is certainly not what a lot of people associate with hypnosis, the kind that is used on a stage with people doing silly things.  You will be aware of what is going on at all times and cannot be made to do anything you don’t want to do.  In any case, deep trances are simply not needed for nearly all the work I do with clients.  You don’t ‘do’ your problem in a deep trance so it would actually be counterproductive to induce one in nearly all cases. 


Disclaimer - please note results can vary from person to person